Whom I met on my Way

I’m not really a people photographer. I am fascinated by nature in all its facets. I first photographed people during my trip to Argentina in 2017. That was a special experience, which I would not like to miss in the future.

The indigenous people I met, for example in a village near Iguazu, were very hospitable. They shared the little they had with me and invited me for mate tea and roasted corn on the cob. The children looked at me curiously. They were attracted by my height of 1.80m and my blond curly hair. They first took a picture of me with my camera and then had great fun having their picture taken by me.

The people I met and photographed during my trip through Bhutan, for example, radiated a dignity and majesty that I had never seen before. Nothing disturbs them, they are deeply relaxed and completely at peace with themselves and their existence.