In Search of Hidden Beauties

“Metamorphosis” were created in the landscape of Mallorca. In this work I deal with the interaction between art space and nature. My motifs here are lichens, algae that live in symbiotic community with one or more fungi. My method is to transform the world of these plants into photography, to double or even quadruple and to rearrange them.

The order of nature is not dissolved here, but only reformatted. In this way, I put scientific objects in a different light and map out the knowledge of natural history anew. Lichens are indicators of air quality. Where many of them occur, the air is clean. In the Serra de Tramuntana one can find a high diversity of lichens.

I photograph the shapes, colours and structures of the plants from all sides under different lighting conditions until pictures and figures begin to form in my head. I find them on stone, rock or walls and transform them into a fascinating immateriality of a highly differentiated grey-brown-yellow colour space in multi-stage processes.