Who I am

I was born in Berlin in the 1960s. Growing up in a family of filmmakers and musicians, my childhood was influenced by a lot of creativity.

Through the studies of communications at the University of Arts in Berlin, I set the foundation for my subsequent career in advertisement and design. After more than two decades as a creative professional, I have been concentrating on a different path for more than 10 years. Since then my focus has been creating new visual worlds. In doing so, the camera is my constant companion. I photograph – often following an inner inspiration – everyday phenomena in nature and the city that at first glance sometimes seem insignificant.

I try to lead the viewer into new worlds, with unusual perspectives. Often abstract, playful and meditative at the same time, but always clear, tidy and composed with my own signature. The desire for discovery and the encounter with the unknown and mysterious drives me. I seek the new, the astonishing, the unknown within the familiar and like to leave myself to chance.